The Dark Apple Store

The Dark Apple Store

Apple products with up to 50% discount!*

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Current stock

iPhone 6s (plus)

Apple's latest model. 16GB. Spacegrey & silver.

Prices and models

iPad Air 2

New iPad Air 2. Spacegrey and silver. 16GB.

Prices and models


I'm in a sweet position in the distribution of Apple products in Europe. When shippings gets delivered in warehouses im the first to check delivery notes and verify the amount of devices.

The amount of stock is higher on 'release' cycles, so if you can't find your type now. Check again later.

Don't mail about other (Apple) products

We are eager to reply within 24 hours

For safety reasons each week new BTC address

3+ devices (local pickup available), mail me for offers at


Stop mailing me with questions about if this is legit or not. So far 95% of all shipping (EU + USA) arrived. If you want to be 100% safe, check
Within 48 hours order you get send a tracking number to the given e-mail account. If proven that the order did not arrive at the front door, 100% refund is provided.
Yes. but dont make to much orders. All shippings are made in ordinairy boxes. No Apple logo's on the ouside box.
In the option section there's a value of bitcoins, write this down and pay this EXACT amount to the address thats provided. For example 0.45452 BTC.
Currentlty shipping is done from the EU, so Europe is probally within 3-4 days. Shippings to the USA and Asia might take up to 14 days. Depends on customs.
No, atleast most of the time not. We send everything as a 'gift' so customs should not be bothered. BUT sometimes they do routine checks and you can get unlucky, then you have to pay additional tax.

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